Yagmur Agricultural, was established in 1974 to produce diesel engine parts in Istanbul.


Water Pump Production

Production of the first agricultural irrigation pumps to be used with diesel engines started with the Yagmur Brand.

Using the Brand Yagmur

Yagmur brand is registered to be used in agricultural machinery and agricultural irrigation pumps.

1980 updown

First Export

Yagmur water pumps were first exported to Egypt and Iraq.

1986 updown

First Power Tiller

Production of power tillers in Turkey has started with YET 360 model.

1990 updown

First Mini Power Tiller

Turkey's first mini power tiller YET 250 was introduced for small farmers and hobby users.


First Two Wheel Tractor

Production of the first two wheel tractor, model 4500R has started.

1994 updown

First Power Tiller Export

First power tillers exported to Syria.

1997 updown

Beylikduzu Factory

In order to meet increasing demands, company moved to the new factory located in Beylikduzu, Istanbul.

1998 updown

First Foreign Trade Fair

In 1998, the European adventure started by attending the EIMA Agriculture Fair.

First Export to Europe

Export of two wheel tractors to Italy started.

2000 updown

Purchase of Valpadana

Valpadana company which is famous of two wheel tractors and established in 1956 was purchased.

First Garden Tractor

Garden tractor production started with the license of Italian Landini company.

2002 updown

Exclusive OEM Agreement

Exclusive OEM agreement was signed with the Italian Lombardini company to offer high quality engines.

2003 updown

First Hobby Power Tiller

YET 130 and YET 150, the first power tillers for hobby users was introduced.

2005 updown

Start of YET 510 Model Production

With the success it gained in a very short time, YET 300 model, which was copied by many companies and is currently our best selling model, was started to be produced.

2006 updown

Yagmur Italia SRL

Yagmur Italia SRL company was established in Italy to organize overseas operations more effectively.

2014 updown

First Mowers

First mowers under Yagmur brand was introduced.

2015 updown

250,000th Power Tiller

250.000th power tiller was produced. It was a YET 300 model power tiller.

2016 updown

Kuarp ERP

Kuarp ERP and dealer portal, which are developed in our structure and started to be used.

30th Year of Anchor Machine Production in Turkey

30 years has passed over the first anchor machines produced in Turkey. The first YET 360 hoeing machines are still in service today.

2017 updown