Staff Application

The applications made to our advertisements are carefully examined; then the position and the most suitable candidate to the Yagmur Agricultural family is tried to be reached.

Open positions by clicking on the link.

Why Work at Yagmur?

The value that a business entity places on its staff also reflects its position in the market. Therefore, the quality and efficiency of the personnel is directly proportional to how successful the company is in the sector.

As Yagmur Agricultural , we have always aimed at the summit and made strides in this direction with our personnel who keep up with the developing technology, develop themselves and contribute to our company in this direction. If you are aiming for a safe and peaceful environment where you can work for many years with your performance, which will actually increase your working experience Yagmur Agricultural will be the right choice for you. If you are aiming for the summit, please contact us. don't forget to visit our page.