Turkey's largest motor power tiller, with Yagmur and two wheel tractor mower manufacturer of Agriculture, showcases the latest product models YET 610 Agricultural Fair for the first time in Samsun.
Yagmur Agricultural, which will meet the farmers in the 5th Samsun Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Technologies Fair held on September 25-29, 2019, will present its latest YET 610 model to the users for the first time.
YET 610, which is offered with 4 engine options between 12 HP and 22 HP, was designed considering the needs of hazelnut producers from the Black Sea region. YET 610, which will reveal its own class with its superior technological features, patented synchromesh gearbox, traction system that allows 4 × 4 use, terrain / road modes, front axle casings with brakes, and eye-catching engine hood and led while facilitating trailer use. It stands out with its headlights and signals.
YET 610, which will be launched at the end of 2019, brings Yagmur quality one step further and brings it together with technology and innovation. On 25-29 September 2019, we invite all our farmers to the Yagmur stand at Samsun Agricultural Fair to meet the innovative features of YET 610.

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